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Stone Massage Therapy

Melt away as the warm stones glide over your skin and warmth radiates through your body. relaxation is instant, as the warmth will cocoon your body. Physically the circulation is booster, muscle tension released and a sense of well-being is achieved. Stone therapy can be affective on any level. The stones will create a balancing, meditative experience, leaving you feeling comforted, soothed and grounded. This is a lifestyle treatment, it erases the whirl of day-to-day existance and refreshes the mind, body and soul.


*Increases Flexibility

*Stimulation of the lymphatic system

*Instant relaxation of tight and sore muscles

*Stress relief

*Prevents injuries of chronic back and neck pain

*Detoxification of the whole body

Full Body Massage

Back and Shoulder Massage


Special offer courses available in all body and facial treatments-pay for 5 and get the 6th one FREE. On all courses they are Non Refundable

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